Shooting Editorial at Griffith Observatory

Shooting Editorial at Griffith Observatory

Ginny & Johnnie


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September 25, 2012 · 10:09 pm

Jackie Murphy has got one of the freshest outlooks on weddings! She’s an amazing woman, and extremely talented coordinator!


Last time, Weddings With Insight by Jackie Murphy shined the spotlight on Kat Laskey, makeup, hair stylist, and owner of Absolutely Beautiful Brides.

Today’s spotlight is on incredibly talented photographer Jeromy Robertof Bamboo Shoots Photography!

Jeromy is still enamored with shooting weddings after many years of experience. He is organized and a great communicator. He also just has that “eye” for a fantastic shot.

Let’s get to know Jeromy better, shall we?

1.) How would you describe your style of photography?

My Style is very mixed, with a focus on editorial style.  I make sure to get traditional portraits, and mix in a photojournalistic style, so you end up with photos that belong on the cover of a magazine.
2.) You have been a wedding photographer for an amazing 14 years now! How did you get started?
Like a lot of photographers, I found my love for the camera…

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I hold a light for the world!

So its not often that a camera captures my image.  Its not that I’m a vampire or anything, it just love being behind the camera.  In this rare moment, while on the beach with Photographer Sean DuFrene, I was captured!  Another excellent shoot with a great photographer!  check out his stuff

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LA County Fire Wayside training burn

LA County Fire Wayside training burn

Burn baby burn!
I recently had the opportunity to do a reportage project on LA County Fire, (ongoing). On Thursday May 30th, they had a live fire training simulation, which i got to cover. Great fun, and some great images. Training took Place Wayside Honor Ranch, in Castaic, just north of Valencia. for more info and a bit of history, go to

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June 2, 2012 · 4:38 pm

I’m Here!

So Last weekend, I was at Disneyland!  No I didn’t get to ride the Matterhorn, but I did get to photograph a wedding, Melissa and Miguel were loads of fun, and running around the Hotel was awesome!  Excellent architecture, and lots of kids in disney outfits!

If you find yourself in Orange County, and decide you want to get married at disneyland, its not too terrible expensive… as long as you stay out of the castle!  We certainly had a great time.  Since I’d love to go back, i’m offering a $250 gift card off of photography services if you are getting married at the happiest place on earth!  ask me for details!


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Well, its here again, the beginning of my personal new year… also known as “the birthday!”
This year has exciting new twists and turns, and lots of fun planned… last year I tried to find some motivation to shoot something everyday. Lets just say that its harder than it sounds.
This year brings a new adventure in that I’m headed back to school. Yes a little bit of photography, but the main goal… Law School. Yep you heard it right, gonna be an attorney someday (hopefully).
Now this process is gonna take a bit, as I pretty much have to start over, yea! school!
The fun news is, I enjoy school, and I get to take some photography classes along the way.
Starting with photojournalism! So as I do my assignments, and find new adventures to photograph, I’ll put em up for all my vast 1 viewer to read. I’ll also try to mix in some fine art and what not. If there are any questions out there, feel free to ask. If you are wondering how to do a specific photograph, well let me know and I’ll do a shoot and show you how! email me at

lots to come!

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the way we go…

So, I didn’t get this up yesterday, but at least I shot the image yesterday… going back to having my camera available and ready to go at all times really helps.  Knowing that I love parking lots, I was happy to find this one almost empty. The truck at the end gave it a good sense of depth, and I loved the exit sign.  I try really hard to stay away from signs, but this really seem to work with the overall image… lots of lines and angles all very exciting…  It was actually a surprise that this was empty because there was a world cup soccer match going on just up the street…cost of parking I guess… more fun for me.  Places that are empty, but could hold a large amount of something really fascinates me… makes me wonder who has come before, and who in the future will be here…

tech: 24-70, 1/125 f5 iso 2500

post: desaturate, crop, spot, blacks, contrast

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